Lab Testing

Among all the medical activities available, laboratory testing is considered to be the highest form  and plays a crucial role in medical care. Lab tests help in identifying diseases at an early stage and in providing accurate diagnosis. Lab tests also help medical practitioners decide on the next steps as part of their diagnosis regarding a patient’s medical condition. Without these laboratory tests, it will be challenging for doctors to come up with a suitable treatment. 

Best Independent Lab Testing in Idaho

While most hospitals conduct laboratory testing, some people opt for testing done in an independent laboratory for a number of reasons. 


Some patients opt to have their blood drawn by an independent laboratory because it is cheaper. People opt to use the services of an independent laboratory because they can have the same tests at a more affordable rate.


Most laboratories are conveniently located near a patient’s place. That is why most patients prefer to have their tests done in laboratories near their place. 

Faster results

Some tests require faster results. Most hospitals may have tons of tests in line and independent laboratories can be great alternatives. If you are seeking urgent care, you can rely on independent lab testing to generate the tests you need and have your diagnosis faster. 

lab testing

Whatever the reason is, patients like you can depend on independent laboratory testing. The Family Medical of Chubbuck understands the importance of lab testing as an important tool in proper identification, prevention, and treatment of diseases. 

Most common lab tests conducted in our medical facility are:

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests

At the Family Medical Clinic of Chubbuck, we understand how all of these things are important to patients and doctors. With our independent lab testing, you can have your doctor’s orders drawn in our lab and provide the services you need. 

The Family Medical Clinic of Chubbuck is equipped with the most advanced tools to facilitate different lab tests. All of our medical staff are certified and highly skilled in phlebotomy. 

Contact us today to learn more about our independent lab testing. 

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