Men’s Health

Dr. Scott R. Barlow, DNP (“Scotty”) has a particular interest in men’s health. He feels like he can relate to many of the issues facing men. Dr. Barlow began to have a passion for men’s health while in residency. The other residents at his primary residency clinic were female providers and as he puts it, “our patient panels just kind of self-sorted and most of the teenage guys and men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s gravitated toward receiving care from me as a younger guy that they felt they could really relate to.”

Helping guys optimize their health has brought Dr. Barlow great satisfaction and it has been one of his goals to develop a significant part of his primary care practice with a focus on men from their older teenage years into their 40s and 50s.

“If I can help light a fire, and keep that fire burning throughout the years, for younger guys to embrace a healthy lifestyle early on, it will be extremely rewarding to see them experience optimal health as they age. Many of the problems men face -including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, performance issues, depression, chronic pain, and others- around the time they are finally ready to retire and enjoy life, could largely be prevented with healthy choices in their early decades of life. That is something I get very excited about facilitating as a healthcare provider!”


Scotty’s mantra for men’s health is Happy, Healthy, Confident Men. He believes these three words embody the key elements necessary for men to feel satisfaction as they strive to become their best selves. Come meet with Dr. Barlow so he can help you accomplish your mental, emotional, physical and other health goals!

Family Medical Clinic of Chubbuck is the best place to go if you are looking for the best men’s health clinic in Idaho. Check out our available men’s health care services below:

Men’s health care services include:

The Happy You

The Healthy You

The Confident You

Mental Health

Our mental health is just as critical to our well-being as our physical health. It is often easy to let the demands and expectations put on us as men prevent us from taking care of our psychological and emotional needs. Whether it be time constraints, fear of appearing or feeling weak or just simply denial, men should not delay or neglect their mental health. There are many options, including both treatments with and without medication that can help you feel happier, less stressed and like yourself again!


Sleep is critical to promoting all of the natural processes our body needs to perform to recover, heal, rebuild, repair and reset in order for us to function at peak performance. You shouldn’t have to suffer with insomnia or other problems affecting your sleep quality and we can help get you back on track to a good night’s sleep every night.

Metabolic Health

Many men experience problems with their metabolic health. These problems are related to blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat, cholesterol and general organ function and the internal health of our body. Keeping our metabolic health in check and making adjustments where needed is key to prevent problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and unhealthy fat stores. Prevention is the key here and this is the bread and butter of our men’s health care service.


Overweight and obesity are at the root of many of the health problems affecting men in the US today. Weight is about health. Creating a plan to achieve your healthy weight is something we can help with. For some men, the desire is to not only achieve a healthy weight, but to look and feel more confident, as well. You don’t have to struggle on your own to optimize your weight and meet your goals of achieving the physique you desire. We are here to help.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Let’s get to the point on this one. ED can affect every aspect of a man’s life and can also affect his partner’s satisfaction in a relationship. No man should have to feel like they can’t get help in this aspect of his life. Sometimes ED is also an indicator of other underlying health problems that should not be put aside. If you are suffering from ED don’t delay getting the help you deserve. Call for a consultation today.

Premature Ejaculation

Similar to ED, premature ejaculation is a problem that negatively affects both a man and his partner in their intimate relationship. There are options and we want to help. Call today so you can make those important moments connecting with your partner last longer.


Testosterone is an essential hormone for a man’s body to perform optimally. In appropriate cases of low testosterone, hormone replacement can help improve function and decreased symptoms of low-T. Options for testosterone replacement include prescriptions you can self-administer at home, injections administered in the clinic or implanted pellets that can be placed in your low back periodically to provide a sustained dose of hormone replacement.

Skin and Hair

Skin problems, such as acne, growths, lesions, dry skin, moles, skin tags and age-related changes to the skin can affect your physical health and the way you feel about yourself. Hair loss has a similar effect on a man’s confidence. Neither of these problems should be left without care. There are many options to improve the health and appearance of your skin and there are also options to prevent or slow unwanted changes with hair. Let us see what we can do to help you look and feel great.