STD Testing

If you are active in your sexual life, whether you have a constant partner or multiple, it is not surprising to hear from your friends or relatives telling you to get tested or at least use some form of protection against sexually transmitted disease. 

Sexually transmitted disease or STD is a result of a sexually transmitted infection or STI. The virus or bacteria enters the body and starts the infection. The form of transmission is through sexual activities which can be anal, oral, or vaginal. While not all people who have STI can develop STD, it is important to prevent the infection and stop the spread to curtail the development of the disease. 

STD is already very common and many people are already aware of it and the complications it may bring. While many people shun away from this sensitive topic, more and more people are raising awareness about this disease and encouraging everyone to undergo STD testing. The only challenge now is to identify which tests to take and how often you need to be screened. 

Why Get Tested

Generally, STDs do not show symptoms. You may even get infected without knowing it. That is why the transmissibility rate of STDs are often high. The safest and most reasonable to do is to get tested. 

The question now lies on what type of STD testing is needed. Is the frequency of screening important? If so, how often should you get screened? While there are many factors that contribute to knowing the right test for you, it is crucial that you do your own research and request it from your own doctor.

When to Get Tested

If you are a sexually active individual and had multiple partners, it is highly recommended that you get tested. Other reasons why you need to be tested are:

  • Symptoms are showing up – While most STDs do not display symptoms, there are some people who manifest and show signs. 
  • You or your partner wants to stop using condoms. 
  • Infidelity
  • You or your partner have multiple partners
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STD Testing at Family Medical Clinic of Chubbuck

At the Family Medical Clinic of Chubbuck, you can get STD testing with same-day results. Our services include a variety of quick and easy STD testing that are completely confidential so you can be at ease knowing your information is totally private and safe. 

Contact us today if you need to get tested or if you simply want more information about the testing process, about STD, or to simply know more about the disease. 

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